Unbiased Qureka App Review 2019 - Is It a Best Money Making App or Not?


Welcome to my “Qureka App Review” article.

In this article, for you, I will introduce & review about Qureka App.

Additionally, I will explain in detail how to download & earn money from using it in 2019, in a very simple way.

Before that, I would love to say that if you are looking for fun, knowledge and money at the same place, then this app is for you.

Qureka App is a live quiz app where you can earn cash by participating & answering in the live quizzes(for simple General Knowledge questions).

I am using this app to play and win rewards for quite a long time. Fortunately, I have earned many rewards from it, from the time I am using it.  It enhanced my knowledge as well.

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Qureka App Review (including a step-by-step procedure to download and earn money through it):

Now, in this, Qureka App Review, I will tell you how to download Qureka App & play or participate in the live quizzes using it.

Believe me, it is very easy to play and win money from Qureka App.

 Qureka App Team” will ask you 10 questions.

For every question, they will provide 3 options – you need to select the one right option among all the three options, for that particular question. 

If you answer all 10 questions correctly, then you will win and the prize money will be shared among all the other winners, who participated. Yes, every winner will get the prize money.

You can redeem the money from your PayTM wallet.

The lifeline option is also available in it. In case if you answer any question wrong, lifeline can save you from getting out of the quiz competition.

You can get them by playing mini-quizzes, referring others, watching videos, etc.

You got to know about how to play & earn money so far from this Qureka App Review.

Now, in this Qureka App Review, I will explain you how to download and use it to earn money step by step in a simple way:

But, before that, I also want to tell you the requirements to download this Qureka App. 

All you need is to have an android phone and good internet question(WiFi or Mobile Data) and a PayTM wallet.

If you are wondering why ONLY android phone? Let me tell you that it is only available for Android phones as of now.  I will update you if it is also available on other OS in the future.

To redeem your money, you need a PayTM wallet.

Qureka App Review

Follow the below mentioned simple steps to download Qureka App:

  1.   Go to play store and type Qureka App
  2.    Click on install option
  3.     Use your working number for registration(you will receive an OTP to it)
  4.     Type the OTP you receive on the number you used for registration
  5.     After completing the sign-up, go to the dashboard where you can see the time for today’s quiz
  6.     Now play the trivia quiz to win a daily prize

Just explore it; you will come to know everything with the help of the above information.  Moreover, it is also available in multi-languages, like English, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, etc.  If at all you have any doubts or could not able to download it, contact me.    

Bonus information and tips in this Qureka App Review:

  • Monthly Mega Prizes - The prize will be up to 10,00,000 INR in the monthly mega prize.
  • Special Referral Programs – Share your refer code with your contacts you got while downloading. For every referral download, you will get INR 10.  Also, you can gain 50% of the prize won by your referral download.  But, need to play in that quiz in order to get it.
  • Lifelines – As I mentioned above try to gain as many lifelines as you could by playing mini-quizes, referrals, watching videos, etc, because they can save you when you answered any question wrong.
  • Topics – There are two types of topics on which questions will be asked in the quizzes.  They are mixed and specific topics.  Mixed will have a mix of all topics, like History, Science, GK, Sports, Technology, Politics, Films, etc.  Specific will have questions only based on a specific theme or topic. Prize will vary – specific will have less prize money compared to mixed.
  • Timings – All the quizzes will be held from 9:00 am to 10:30 pm.  Mixed topic quizzes will be held in between 2:30 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • Update – It gets updated from time to time.  Recommend you to keep your app updated.
  • Social Media – Follow Qureka on Facebook and Twitter.  You will get one answer from them and also you will be updated with the app’s new updates.

Qureka App Review’s Final Words:

I strongly recommend you to install and play live quiz games on Qureka App. It enhances your knowledge and also rewards you with money. There is nothing to lose in trying it.  It is 100% risk-free app, because Qureka App team never asks you to pay anything ever.  Of course, it has some mixed response from the users, but you go through the terms and conditions thoroughly, and then play it. I am sure you will gain tons of knowledge and earn lots of money.

I guess my "Qureka App Review" was useful to you.  If so, please share this Qureka App Review with others – so that others can also get benefit from my it.


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